Family Isn’t Always Blood

I’m Kellie and I’m on staff here at Regenesis… I’ve been here for 5 yrs and one of the reasons I’ve stayed is the true intimate relationships I have with my Pastors and leaders… most of us on staff here come from a life of never experiencing the love of a family. My Pastors are spiritual parents who love us unconditionally, they are in our phones on our favorites list and ALWAYS answer if we call, they work closely beside us teaching us work and life skills, and they take time out of there busy schedule to just come and sit and love on us when we are struggling, and all of this is showing us what real love should look like “THE LOVE OF JESUS” If your reading this and your sick of living in death, hate, sickness, and brokenness call 804-451-4481 just like I did. It may just change your life.