Regenesis Recovery Program

The Regenesis Recovery Program

One of the major heartbeats of our ministry is Regenesis, our personal development recovery program. Our program is a two phased program with the first phase being the “intensive” phase of our program, Thereafter, the program helps to make necessary changes in the individual’s recovery plan to equip them for success as drug free and productive program graduates. The men and women who come to our program are referred to as students. We have several residential homes to house our students.  As students, Regenesis teaches them to get set free from substance abuse and poor life choices while also discovering God’s true purpose for their lives. Each home has a residential house manager who oversees the home while providing leadership and accountability as the students learn Christ-centered teaching, biblical 12-Step, submission to authority, and work skills and ethics. Our house managers and several staff are qualified to serve as Peer Recovery Specialists (PRS) and Certified Peer Recovery Specialists (CPRS).  

While in our homes, students learn about God’s love and His plan for their lives. We teach discipline, character, and accountability for actions taken. We also give our students the tools necessary to transform their lives through the power of God, including a biblical 12-step study. Our program is designed to provide a stable environment so that students can have an opportunity to excel in hard work, community service, and Bible studies.

We encourage applicants to use the online application method. The downloaded PDF application can be returned by email, fax or the Postal Service. The addresses are listed below. The Student Agreement will need to be signed at the time of entry

P.O. Box 3718
Chester, VA 23831

Regenesis Program Office
Phone: 804-451-4481
Fax: 804-733-4522


Residential Recovery

The House of James

The House of James

The House of James (HOJ) is Regenesis’ male residential home dedicated to providing discipleship for men coming from many difficult backgrounds and poor life choices. Each man that enters the program will live in the HOJ, where they will experience a structured environment that allows them to grow in Christ, change their life patterns and get prepared to become more productive citizens. Most of the men who enter this home have a history of substance abuse, with many of them having been incarcerated at some point in their lives.

Esther House

The Esther House

The Esther House is Regenesis’ female residential home dedicated to providing discipleship for women coming from many difficult backgrounds and poor life choices. Many have been victims of neglect, have experienced the devastation that comes with substance abuse, and have been incarcerated. We provide a structured environment that allows the women to grow in Christ, helps them to change their life patterns, and prepares them to become productive citizens.

The Varina House

The Varina House

Our Phase II Recovery Residence Program was developed to help our students prepare for assimilation back into society after spending time in a healthy recovery environment. When moving to this phase of our program students will reside in our Phase II residential housing. Students will then receive case management with the goal of helping them achieve gainful employment and future goals development. We also help them reestablish proper attitudes towards broken relationships with the possibility of developing reconciliation. Through the Phase II part of the Regenesis program, students will be in a good position that may propel them in a successful Christ-centered future.