Bless Blandford Project

Restoring Faith, Family, Future & Community

The Bless Blandford Project is a neighborhood revitalization initiative that will afford median and low-income households the opportunity to gain affordable housing and pursue homeownership. In 2018, Regenesis purchased 21 properties in the Blandford community, 13 of which had blighted and run-down houses. This acquisition opened the door for Regenesis to not only bring regeneration to the Blandford community but also provide persons in our recovery and re-entry programs an opportunity to learn a skill in home rehabilitation.

Regenesis hosted The Bless Blandford Open House and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on Friday November 13, 2020. We would like to thank all of the partnering organizations, agencies and supporters that attended. All persons attending this celebration were given an open house tour of 2 of the rehabbed Blandford homes with information about addition future revitalization community projects.

Bless Blandford Gallery