About Regenesis

Regenesis, a 501(c)3 organization, was started in May 2008 as a fulfillment of Pastor Gary McReynolds’ vision to integrate Christ back into the community. In a city suffering with violence, drugs, and families living in poverty, the McReynolds called on God and the community to become a catalyst for change. Regenesis began in Petersburg, Virginia with a core group of about 8 dedicated people, a thrift store, a recovery home, and a passion to see individuals as well as whole communities changed.

One of the area’s biggest problems was  drug and alcohol abuse and the incarceration rate. With the number of overdose deaths and prisons’ intakes on the rise, Regenesis made it their mission to guide those in danger towards a better life. The Regenesis recovery program started in 2008 as a rehabilitation home for those in need while seeking a relationship with Christ. 

About Regenesis

The students of this nine month personal development program are challenged and mentored with biblical counseling, daily devotions, and spiritual guidance. They  work in the thrift stores where they learn work ethics, people skills and fundamental job training. The Regenesis recovery program now has 4 homes for men and women who are recovering from poor life choices. The Regenesis program  works  in partnership with local prisons, hospitals, and government agencies to meet the community’s needs of keeping people off the streets and out of prison.

With God’s blessing, a lot of prayer, hard work and dedication, Regenesis has grown into fully operational outreach ministry. They currently have 15 staff, 4 homes, an outreach ministry, prison ministry, food ministry, 2 thrift stores and a new coffee shop. Our rapid success and achievements while tackling some of the toughest issues facing our community today has provided the opportunity to work collaboratively with government agencies, businesses, the military, the courts, schools and many more.

Our Mission

Regenesis has several outreach programs and ministries. Our Regenesis recovery program is the most integral part of our mission. We are passionate about leading individuals from their lives of addiction, poor life choices, and crime to a more positive and productive life. Our Regenesis recovery program is a Christ-centered residential personal development program for men and women struggling with lifestyles that have produced dysfunctional and destructive behavioral issues. Our intakes come from all over the region to Regenesis . Here, they are provided a safe and professional environment to begin their recovery. We also offer biblical counseling. If you or a loved one would like more information about our recovery program, please click here.

Regenesis Thrift

Without grants or financial support from the government, the McReynolds opened their first thrift store in Petersburg with donations coming from people in the surrounding area that shared the same vision of a better community. All of the proceeds went to funding their personal development/recovery homes as well as a variety of outreach ministries and city-wide events. We have two Regenesis Thrift stores. One in Chester and one in Colonial Heights.