The Main Characters


Regenesis has to recognize the main characters of the “LOVE IN ACTION” Hotel Outreach Ministry, for without them it would make this endeavor much more difficult. First, Jesus is number one. He is the reason we do what we do and how we do it. He sets the example for us all to follow. Second, all of the folks from Food Lion, Walmart, McDonalds and WaWa for their food donations. Third, Stacie Anderson and Chick-fil-A of Colonial Heights for the

150 mouth watering hot chicken sandwiches they prepare and provide about 5 times a year for us to hand out at our outreach, their entire crew is nothing short of amazing. Last but certainly not least and pictured here are the co-founder of Regenesis, Tracey McReynolds, Hotel Outreach Chaplains and Directors Red & Kristy Hemphill, and our cute little mascot who brings a smile to everyones face with her warm heart and cheerful smile, Martha Vanderpool. We love and thank all the other volunteers who also selflessly donate their time to make this very important ministry possible.