One of the major heartbeats of our ministry is Regenesis, our personal development recovery program. We have several homes for men and women, who we refer to as students who are being set free from substance abuse and poor life choices while also discovering God's true purpose for their lives. Each home has a residential house manager who oversees the home while providing leadership and accountability as the students learn Christ-centered teaching, biblical 12-Step, submission to authority, work skills and ethics. Our house managers and several staff have received extensive training through the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services and met all DBHDS requirements to serve as Peer Recovery Specialists (PRS) and Certified Peer Recovery Specialists (CPRS).  

   While in our homes students learn about God's love and His plan for their life. We teach discipline, character, and accountability and gives our students the tools needed to transform their lives through the power of God.

Our program is designed to provide a stable environment to help individuals become productive through hard work, community service, Bible studies and being held accountable for their actions.


Are there any fees associated with my participation in the program?
Upon entry into the Regenesis Program there is an administrative entry fee that must be paid. The administrative entry fee for the Men’s Program is $1000.00 and the fee for entry into the Women’s Program is $500.00. **Payment plans are available upon request. Contact the office for more details

What happens after I submit my application?
Your application is reviewed and you will be notified for an interview.

How long is the application process?
It depends on bed space and can vary from client to client depending on their current situation.

Do I have to be a Christian to be considered for this program?
No, we believe that each individual is in a process. The first step of this process is admitting that you have an issue that is beyond your control and asking for help is the only prerequisite.

How long is the program?

The minimum is a nine month requirement but can vary depending on each individual client's needs and circumstances.

Upon completion of the program, what happens next?
It is understood that graduation is not only an accomplishment but a mile stone in one's life. However, we recognize that this only the beginning of lifelong transformation. Evaluations and assessments are done to see where each client may best prosper. This could be outside job placement, transitional home assistance, staff placement or internship. 

Are we state licensed? 

We are not state licensed as a recovery program, however many of our clients are overcoming addiction and other life-controlling issues. Jesus restores lives here regardless of what we call it.

Do we offer medical treatment such as prescribing medications?

Regenesis offers only non-medical treatment and recovery methods such as prayer, moral guidance, spiritual counseling and scriptural study.

The completed application can be returned by email, fax or the Postal Service. The addresses are listed below:
*Student Agreement will need to be signed at the time of entry

PO Box 3718
Chester, VA 23831

Ministry Office:
Phone: 804-451-4481
Fax: 804-733-4522


The House of James (HOJ) is Regenesis' male residential home dedicated to providing discipleship for men coming from many difficult backgrounds and poor life choices. Each man that enters the program will live in the HOJ, where they will experience a structured environment that allows them to grow in Christ, change their life patterns and get prepared to become more productive citizens. Most of the men who enter this home have a history of substance abuse, with many of men having been incarcerated at some point in their lives.


The Esther House is Regenesis' female residential home dedicated to providing discipleship for women coming from many difficult backgrounds and poor life choices. Many have been victims of neglect, have experienced the devastation that comes with substance abuse and have been incarcerated. We provide a structured environment that allows the women to grow in Christ, helps them to change their life patterns and prepares them to become productive citizens.


Upon graduation from the Recovery Homes/Student Program, individuals are helped to move into the next phase of their lives through established intern and staff housing. Graduates may become interns (by invitation) of Regenesis or hired as paid staff members. They are given the opportunity to continue their walk with God while re-establishing themselves in work environments and family relationships. Graduates of the Recovery Homes/Personal Development Program are given the tools to be respectable and responsible, and to gain skills to help them rebuild their lives. We integrate our graduates, whether interns or staff, who believe they need to stay longer, in by giving them a variety of ministerial duties to continue their personal development. These responsibilities further challenge them to apply Christ-like discipleship principles into everyday decision making. 

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