A God Centered Journey

What does the Regenesis ministry mean to me?

It has been and still is a refuge of healing and a launch pad to my prosperity.

In the deepest part of my addiction and by the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I found myself in the loving arms of those who care.

Through the Christian heart of believers destined to do the will of God, the burden of guilt and shame was removed and restoration with purpose took its place.

After becoming clean and sober through the completion of the program, this ministry provided opportunity to once again be a responsible person able to function without the influence of drugs, alcohol or selfishness.

And then even more than a decade later I was was received with open arms to return and give back to those who were in the same place I once had been.

Nothing is perfect and no one thing fits everybody’s needs. However, the love and power of God that drives this ministry is enough to once again bring clarity to life and a gladness to serve others before.

Sincerely, Sam Allebaugh