Melissa's Testimony

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My name is Melissa and I started drinking alcohol and using drugs in my early teens and was also molested as a child all of which eventually drove me into a state of depression which had me wishing that a was dead. I married, had 5 children and by the age of 30, I was at the point that I could not leave the house without taking a drink or pill. My life started to spiral out of control. My husband and I seperated. I lost my house. I was in and out of psychiatric hospitals because of intentional and accidental pill overdoses. As a result I lost my children. I cried out and asked God to help me. In March of 2019, I came to the Regenesis Program and through the process I began to realize that I was looking for peace, happiness and self worth in the wrong things. No longer did I question my existence or my worth. Thanks to Regenesis I am being restored back to my family, renewed in my faith  and I now have a firm foundation. I know that I am loved. I would have never found this out if I had not gone through Regenesis.  -Melissa  

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