Kellie's Testimony

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I was born to a mom who was a drug addict and alcoholic. She left me when I was three. My dad did his best to raise me but he was also an alcoholic and spent long hours at  work, so I was left alone at home to have fun and party. By the age of 13, I had tried every drug I could get my hands on. At 20 years of age, I was introduced to crack cocaine and for the next 20 years I would find myself getting in and out of trouble and putting the lives of myself and my children in jeopardy. While in my addiction, I birthed a child who was born addicted to drugs. I survived being raped, beaten and shot by other addicts and drug dealers. I prostituted, stole, lied and sold everything I had until I had nothing else that was worth any value to sell. I would eventually and inevitably find my self incarcerated and crying out and asking God, “IF YOU ARE REAL, PLEASE SAVE ME”. In June of 2018 I entered the Regenesis Program and with help and a lot of love from Pastors, Leaders and peers I was able to find my identity and peace through God for which I am forever grateful. Coming to Regenesis was not good or bad luck or coincidence. I found something that made me feel better than any drug ever did.
 - Kellie  

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